The Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs Reports

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Customer_Service_AR_FY2017.pdfAnnual Report FY2017363 KB
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FINAL.FY2016_Annual_Report.pdfAnnual Report FY20165563 KB
GOMA_FY2015_AnnualReport.pdfAnnual Report FY20151846 KB
FY2014AnnualReport.pdfAnnual Report FY20141264 KB
FY2013GOMAAnnualReport.pdfAnnual Report FY20131980 KB
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FY2016_Annual_Report.pdfAnnual Report FY20165563 KB
GOMA_FY2015AnnualReport.pdfAnnual Report FY20151846 KB
FY2014SBRProgramReport.pdfAnnual Report FY2014993 KB
FY13SBRReport.pdfAnnual Report FY20131161 KB