MBE/SBR Liaison Training Sessions


 GOMA Reduces Reporting Requirements!
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MBE Reporting Toolkit

This toolkit contains valuable information to assist State agencies with the management and compliance of their MBE and SBR programs. A working knowledge of Excel is required to prepare the MBE and SBR reports.

If you are not familiar with this software application, click here to access Microsoft training resources or visit
The HUB, Maryland's Learning Management
System (LMS), to access a catalog of training classes available to State employees.


FY2017 Annual Reporting Instructions & Templates


 FY2018 MBE Strategic Plan

Instructions for submitting the FY2018 MBE Strategic Plan was provided to all MBE Liaisons by email on June 7, 2017. Please refer to these detailed instructions when completing your plan.

The FY2018 MBE Strategic Plan is due Friday,
August 18, 2017 by COB.


FY2018 Procurement Forecasts

The FY2017 Procurement Forecast must be completed and submitted to GOSBA on or before Friday, June 30, 2017. Detailed instructions and a template for submitting the reports are provided below.

Please submit any questions in writing to MBE Compliance Manager, Lisa Sanford, at lisa.sanford@maryland.gov.

FY2018 Quarterly/Monthly MBE Procurement Reporting 

The following forms are to be used by all agencies for the required quarterly report. However, you do have the option of submitting this same form monthly if you wish. 

Quarterly reports are due no later than 30 days following the quarter/month being reported and contain data since the start of the fiscal year July 1, 2017.

Email in EXCEL FORMAT to REPORTS.GOMA@maryland.gov.


To assist agencies using Statewide FMIS, the following link allows certain FMIS standard reports to be downloaded electronically. You must contact the Department of Information Technology's (DoIT) Service Desk to obtain a user name and password.